Information of Entire Product

We, Nikkin Flux belongs to molten treatment industry. Our primary customers are aluminum casting maker and aluminum casting department of car maker.

Market, Car Industry, Aluminum Casting Industry, Molten Treatment Industry

In aluminum casting site, melted aluminum, which called molten aluminum, is poured into mold and produce product. In case molten aluminum contain impurities, it may occur insufficient strength or holes on the surface of product. If it happens, all product which made from this molten become defects.

Aluminum Casting


Thus, it is very important to check the quality of molten and improve the quality before pouring into mold in aluminum casting industry. Nikkin Flux has a wide selection of product in each casting process and in the future, we are aiming at providing total solution for customer by combining our products and statistic process.

Products Line Up
Molten Treatment (Flux, Mother Ingot), Molten Treatment Equipment (Flux Feeder, Degassing Mixer), Quality Check Equipment(Volcester, Inclusion Analysis (IA500)), Quality Control Service

Information of Each Product

(1) Molten Treatment Raw Material

 a.Nikkin Flux

Flux, which we have produced from its foundation, is a chemical to change or improve the quality of aluminum molten. We produce wide-variety and high-quality flux, so we will provide appropriate one to suite each each customer’s needs.

Especially it is important to select suitable flux in accordance with the molten temperature.

Usually flux is powder type, but we also provide tablet type. Regarding Na-additive flux, if you use powder type, it finish melting in several-ten seconds after putting flux, and Na in the molten will start decreasing. But since tablet type is hard to dissolve, it keeps floating and supplying Na into the molten. For the details, please refer to the flux list or contact us from contact form.

b.Mother Ingots for Component Adjustment

We handle mother ingot to adjust aluminum molten component.

(2)Molten Aluminum Treatment Material  

 a.Flux Feeder

Flux Feeder is an apparatus for injecting flux and mother ingot into molten aluminum. If you put flux and mother ingot by hand, it causes individual differences in feeding method. But by our flux feeder, anyone can inject flux from the bottom of molten and flux provide function efficiently. Also, normal feeder adjusts the amount of injecting flux per each only 1kg, but our flux feeder can adjust per each 100g.

 b.Degassing Treatment Apparatus

The mixer part of this apparatus injects inert gas into molten in the furnace, mix it and let impurities to float on the surface of molten. After scooping up impurities, clean and high-quality molten is completed in furnace. The shape of mixer is our original technology and achieve efficient degassing function.

(3)Quality Measurement Apparatus

 a.Volcester HQ/BB

In case aluminum molten contains impurities, impurities float and burst on the surface of molten under vacuum. When you judge aluminum quality, usually you cut aluminum and measure impurities area of aluminum surface or gravity of aluminum. On the other hand, our Volcester can quantify the impurities amount. You can measure the quality of aluminum in the actual casting and set evaluation criteria for your product.

Volcester is easy to operate. You just follow instruction shown in the touch panel.

Volceter Measurement Sample
(Left) Sample with many impurities (Right) Sample with little impurities

b.Image Analysis Apparatus, IA500

In the process of IA500, first aluminum molten pass through filter and get solid. Then aluminum is cut with filter, and it is examined with high-sensitivity optical microscope and quantify impurities gathered on the filter. This analysis judges not only the amount of impurities, but the composition of impurities such as oxide, inclusion, silicon and inter-metallic compound

We provide two ways to try this apparatus, one is customer purchase/rent apparatus, and the other is inspection service which you send sample ingot to us and we will conduct inspection at our plant and send back the inspection report by mail.

This apparatus enables collate the test result of your sample with several millions of past data, and quality evaluation capable of determining relative position by one inspection.

IA500 Inspection Report Sample

Volcester and IA500 are our original inspection apparatus. The demand for them are increasing among wheel and steel industry who need high-quality aluminum. We have been received good reviews for IA500 by famous automotive maker.