MG90 (1kg Bar x 20pcs, 20kg/pack)

Ingot: 90% Magnesium and 10% Aluminum 
This products allow you to melt magnesium into aluminum with good production rate, and minimizing the melting loss. Size is compact, so very easy to handling and also minimizing your storage space. From the view point of handling MG90 is much easier than pure Mg ingot.
Foe Example, added volume is 110g for the 100kg of molten metal in order to increase 0.1% of Mg ration in the molten metal.

SRM100 (100g Rod Type, 20kg/pack)

This is an mother ingots for the improvement treatment of hypo eutectic and eutectic alloy by strontium. It makes possible to maintain the effect of improvement of grain structure even hold the molten metal for a long time.
After the treatment of skimming and di-oxidation flux (#N100-N400), put SRM100W into the molten metal by phosphoric and mix well.
Once mixing is done well, do the degassing operation by dry Nitrogen or Argon gas. Pls double check the H2 contents before casting and then start casting. Do not use the chlorine based degassing which destroy the decrease of strontium from molten metal. The content of Sr is 10%. 100g/pcs.

TIBW500 (100g cut bar x 100pcs, 20kg/pack)

5% TI, 1% Boron wire for the hypoeutectic allo.y
Operation temperature: 680 ~800 degree C.
Volume: put 0.04~0.2wt% of molten metal (example 40g~200g for 100kg)
You can keep the micro grain structure for two hours after the melting.

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