NewALPUR brings you 4 advantages; 
1. Cost reduction of raw material
  * High degassing performance of NewALPUR can allow you to use low quality and cheap ingots.
  * You can recycle unknown scrap metal, cut chip, and dross.
2. Increasing the remelting performance
  * Reduce 80% of dross volume
3. Increasing your productivity
  * Treatment performance of NewALPUR can reduce contamination of inclusions and oxidation inside molten metal.
4. Reduction of consumption materials
* Reduce 50% of innertgas (Ar, N2) consumption
* Long life time of ceramic shaft are applied.

Performance of New ALPUR

This inspection data shows the difference before and after degassing by New ALPUR. 
Inspection had been done by Bubble Buster Volume(BBV) measurement equipment. 
BBV and density of measurement sample has correlation. For the technical aspects of BBV, pls click here

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