This is quick and high accuracy aluminum quality inspection equipment to check the gas volume and existence of inclusion in the molten aluminum. So performance of degassing treatment can be check before starting the casting.

Volcester STD: W800 x L550 x H1150(mm), 150kg

Introduction Movie (1min, Japanese)

Consistent contents for Volcester 

Let the contaminated gas and inclusion / oxidation out from aluminum molten metal by vacuum exhaust process. Gas will be captured by inclusions and became bigger than others. Once the gas becomes bigger, it comes out from molten metal, and baster on the top surface. This equipment can be measure the busted pressure change by vacuum gauge. 

Put the steel cup with 100 g of aluminum molten metal.

Metal sample and inspection screen samples

In case of lots of inclusions: Sample surface is busted and recognize lots of gas contamination.

In case of low inclusion: Sample Surface is flat and smooth, and no recognition of bubble.

Measurement Data:
Type of Molten Metal: ADC12
Inspection Temperature: about 620 degree C
Inspection periods: 180 sec.


Bubble buster volume measured by Volcester can be shown how many burst happen during inspection. This remaining bubble an be a cause of pinehole defect.
Bubble busted volume and density of solidification sample has strong correlation as attached left image.

Characteristic of Volcester

Total gas measurement system

Volcester can conduct a total gas measurement.
During inspection, it can be measure the total gas volume exhausted from sample.

Touch panel operation

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