We produce variety and high quality Flux,
based upon the requirements of customer and type of alloy. Here is the link of list of flux.

Function of Flux
Aluminum has lots of advantages, such as light weight, corrosion resistance, machinability, recycling efficiency compare to any other metal. Therefore aluminum casted applications are using for variety of applications in different market segment.
Sophisticated cast design is always required not only precise control of chemical composition but also control of characteristic, mainly flowability. So controlling the behavior of molten metal is the key of the production. If molten metal quality is bad, application has defect can not use product, even if you made perfect casting die design. So the selection of good/suitable flux is necessary factor to make your application.

Selection of Flux
We propose to focus following points for the selection of flux.
1)Purpose of use (e.g. skimming, Degassing, Improvement of metal quality, structure refinement, remove the contamination and inclusions,,, etc.)
2)Alloy type
3)Molten metal temperature
4)Environment-Conscious products, accepting criteria of smoke generation or generated gas
Here is the link of list of flux.

In order to using flux, pls double check the temperature of molten metal and input volume of flux. Chemical reaction is starting, once you input flux into aluminum molten metal. homogeneous distribution of flux and making contact molten metal as much surface of flux are the key to get efficient chemical reaction. So pls make sure to rotate the molten metal after injected the flux into molten metal.
Things to be aware of metal quality control
1)Well adjusted the required chemical composition for target alloy and make sure that unnecessary chemicals are not contained.
2)Remove the toxic gas (e.g. H2), inclusions, and oxidation contamination as much as possible.
3) Temperature control of molten metal and operation time control.
Once you clear all above factors and controlled the metal quality, let’s focusing also the commercial impact about consumption of Aluminum ingot and fuel additionally.

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