Nikkin Coat NC-8 / NC-10 / DNT64


Minimum lot 20 kg (5 kg/can x 4 cans)

NC-8 is developed as a coating agent for steel lance pipe of N2 blowing for the molten aluminum treatment.This coating agent exerts a strong corrosion resistance against all molten metal and prevent the erosion by aluminum with excellent in releasing property.


Minimum lot 16 kg (4 kg/can x 4 cans)

NC-10 is used for aluminum die casting, which is a coating agent with an emphasis on reliability of the aluminum only.
Application target product:
(1) steel plate and, cast iron products (ladle, Stoke protective tube)
(2) fine ceramics products (ladle, Stoke protective tube)
(3) ceramic-fiber products (ladle, the molten metal distribution hot water products, etc.)


Minimum lot 20 kg (5 kg/can x 4 cans)

A heat-resistant coating agent for aluminum alloy die casting, especially products with an emphasis on and finish of the casting surface of the casting, it demonstrates the effect on the product, which is required to size and accuracy.

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